Tuesday, January 31, 2012

guess what? more resolutions!

i forgot to include these things on my resolution list (i know it’s already a very long list, but these things are important and btw, i’m thinking that this resolution list will last me a few years anyway)

(1) host more parties… i’m thinking a party per season

i did have a party this month… i had wanted to have a holiday party but that didn’t happen (in a town like this it’s especially difficult to schedule a holiday party b/c every weekend of the holiday season is already taken up by someone’s annual shindig... this isn’t a bad thing of course, but it’s true)… i mostly wanted people to come over and appreciate my christmas tree before i took it down… and then i noticed friday the 13th was coming up and that seemed like a good night for a party (and my tree just barely hung on until then)… i was worried about having an indoor party (i’ve only ever had one other big party here and it was my birthday party which is in june so the party was outside)… my house is so small and i ended up inviting like a hundred people… of course they didn’t all come, but many did… but we all fit and it was a great party…

the menu: white wine sangria, 7-layer bean dip, my famous greek cheese ball, onion dip, pickles, cream cheese brownies, goat cheese and ground cherry jam, and i tried to make a jello mustache with the mustache mold my friend gave me but i failed (note to self: master the art of jello molds)

here are some pictures! (look, girls, i posted to flickr! not the pics you were probably hoping for, but they’ll come, really i promise)

my next party will be a “bridesmaids, brownies, and booze” party… i wanted to organize this when bridesmaids was in the theater but that didn’t happen... but i’ve been talking it up a lot recently so i need to make it happen

other party plans: brunch party! and “good crafternoon!” (this will be a crafting party obs and i plan to have many of them… i want to have one under the big burr oak in the community prairie)

a note on parties: i love hostessing… however, while i enjoy having people in my house, it’s a little difficult for me when they touch my stuff… i have a lot of beloved knick knacks and i’m very particular about how they are placed in my space… of course i love to have people appreciate my things, but it’s so strange to me that someone would pick an object up and then just put it randomly down in a different place or position… however, i realize this makes me a little crazy… i have enough perspective to recognize that the enjoyment i get from having guests is more important than the minor anxiety it causes me when i see that my refrigerator magnets have been rearranged (that’s super crazy that that bothers me, right?)… it's good for me to have people touching my stuff, it’s a practice in letting go of this silly quirk of mine… but i do go around the entire house afterward and put everything back in it’s proper place :)

(2) be better about picking up after myself…

i often let folded laundry sit on the couch for way too long and stuff is always piling up on the dining table and pretty much all other surfaces and i am the worst about putting my dirty clothes in the hamper… i love it when the house is neat, the clutter drives me nuts… it gets to where i feel anxious and then it takes me like an entire day to clean the house… but i get lazy and don’t put my makeup away after i’m done playing with it and it sits on the bathroom sink for a week and once there’s a little bit of clutter it seems to attract more clutter… and i’m always like, “self, if you would just take the extra two seconds to put things away, the clutter wouldn’t build up!”… i need to start listening to myself

(3) get involved in occupy decorah

yep, there’s an occupy decorah… my brother really enjoyed learning about this when i was home at chistmas and when i showed him the picture of the small circle of people holding signs in front of the court house, he found it very funny (but he also really appreciated it)… it might be a small group, but it’s growing… there are some awesome people getting together with the hope of making positive change and i totally support that… they meet on saturdays though and i always forget to go… and also, getting involved in occupy is in conflict with my “don’t take on any more commitments” resolution… but i’d like to be involved in some way

(4) be more like leslie knope, duh

"you know what? no i’m not... i'm not sorry... this guy, he was drunk and he was aggressive and he was rude and he was foul-mouthed and he called me by my second least favorite term for a woman... and my campaign manager punched him... i have to be honest, it was awesome, and my campaign manager and i made out a lot afterward..."

also, be a little bit more like liz lemon, double duh

OH HEY GUYS, PS: if you were at my party and touched my stuff, please do not take offense, i'm so glad you are my friend and you can come over and move my stuff around whenever, i recognize that this whole deal with needing to have all my knick knacks in place is wicked crazy

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