Friday, January 6, 2012

Flow: Heavy, Mood: Irritable, Cramps: Severe, Backache: Mild

the title of this post is the description of yesterday on iPeriod, my iphone menstrual cycle tracking app… yes, this is the kind of blog in which i will talk openly about my menstrual cycle

yesterday was awful, i had the WORST CRAMPS IN THE WORLD, which is what i say every month on the first day of my cycle and it’s true- there were a few hours in the afternoon when i had to periodically put my head down on my desk the pain was so bad, i really considered going home- i probably should have b/c i was in such a bad mood- usually my worst cramps come in the middle of the night which is like a terrible nightmare, but at least my co-workers aren’t around then for me to be bitchy to- i don’t think i was actually bitchy to anyone but i was grumpy- and there was one point when my coworker asked me to problem-solve something in the database and my brain just wouldn’t function, i actually cried a tiny bit and it was nothing worth crying over… SO DUMB! today hasn’t been great either: Flow: Heavy, Mood: Irritable, Cramps: Medium, Backache: Mild… a little less irritable and the pain wasn’t nauseating but still sucky

so, i didn’t make it to the gym today or yesterday (frowny face) because i was so uncomfortable and there’s no way i’m working out in public with a Heavy Flow but i did go three days this week so i’m calling that a success! and while i didn’t make it to the gym, i did give huck a long walk both days- the walk i like to do, the walk i should do every day, is up broadway to phelps park (which has a beautiful view overlooking the community prairie and the upper iowa) and then back down, around the middle school, and back home- it takes about 25-30 minutes and it’s very enjoyable- and b/c the days are getting longer, i was able to catch the very end of the sunset by the time i got to phelps- ooh aah sunset over the river, sigh

walking huck gives me a chance to catch up on my podcasts- when i first moved here i was so good about walking huck for like an hour every day after work b/c i had so much time b/c my life here hadn’t really started yet- and then when i first moved into my house and was painting and stuff all the time, i listened to podcasts for hours a day- now i usually only listen on walks and long drives and sometimes when i’m puttering around the house- i listen to so many good ones- i won’t list them now, that’s another post altogether- but one of them is radiolab, duh- tonight i listened to a recent radiolab on “loops” and is was so good (duh)- you should listen to it- all i’m gonna say is “whale fall”

i need to always remember to bring my phone with me on walks though- not necessarily to make phone calls, although a walk can be a good time to catch up with friends- but to take notes- i didn’t have it with me yesterday and i had a list of like ten things i was trying to remember by the time i got home, it was getting hard to listen to my podcast- and i also need the phone to take pictures- there is always at least one cool thing to take a picture of on a walk and it’s such a bummer to be without a camera- here are some photos i took tonight:
(hipstamatic seems like such a cheap trick but whatever, sometimes it just gets things so right- that's the entrance to phelps, a little bit of blue sky in the back)

(this one's not hipstamatic, just regular iphone, hipstamatic couldn't get this one- do you see the trees here? the trees are the best part)

it’s been really warm these past couple days- i was so confused when i left the office yesterday b/c the parking lot was all wet but it hadn’t rained, it took me a minute to realize it was b/c all the ice had melted- it also smelled like cow poop… i want it to be crunchy under my feet in january, not muddy- muddy is for springtime

the nice thing about evening walks this time of year is that people still have their christmas lights up- it’s so pretty- part of me wishes people would hang lights on their houses all year but another part of me likes that there’s just a special time of year for it- my christmas lights are still up too:

i’m going to take them down after my friday the 13th party (it’s not a theme btw, it just happens to be on friday the 13th), but i’m thinking of keeping the white lights around the door up forever

ok, so the whole truth about why i didn’t get up to go to the gym the past two days is that in addition to SUFFERING FROM MY PERIOD, i also made the mistake of downloading a free version of the sims on my phone and it’s so dumb, but i find it really enjoyable- so i've been staying up too late... it'll pass... here are two of my sims having sex outside LOL:


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