Monday, January 2, 2012

a good day

a quick post b/c i'm just returning from a potluck and it's almost time for lights out

an amazing potluck in a beautiful home (two log cabins smacked together), good people, delicious food of course (decorah rules potlucks), and i learned my new favorite game, it's called PICTIONARY TELEPHONE and i'm going to bring it to all my friends (all you need is paper and pencils and you will laugh a lot), and i had some wine, and i made domestic goddess brownies and everyone loved them and i made new friends

and there is still not enough snow but even though it was insanely windy and cold today i am happy for it because it feels like winter, as it should, and on the drive home the car lights made everything sparkle

AND i am proud of myself b/c i did get up and go to the gym at 6am this morning- well, 6:20... i did lie in bed and contemplate it for a while but i really want to be proud of myself so i got up and it wasn't terrible- and huck got a longer than usual walk this afternoon- but i didn't have a very good breakfast b/c i really need to go grocery shopping... but the point was not to make all these changes at once, the point is to set big goals and make at least a little bit of progress every day, to work towards establishing new habits

i wish i could take a day off and clean my house, just sayin

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