Tuesday, January 31, 2012

dan and ira talk about f*rts

just got back from a walk with huck during which i listened to the savage lovecast episode 276

i could probably post after listening to every episode of the lovecast (and i have listened to every single episode), noting something interesting i learned, commenting on how wonderfully crazy human sexuality is, and gushing about how much i love dan savage... but this episode is particularly great b/c dan has ira glass as a guest host! dan and ira! they are buddies (dan's been on TAL a few times) and ira's mom, dr. shirley glass, was the "the godmother of infidelity research" so dan wanted to have ira keep up the family tradition of dishing out sex and relationship advice

of course it's great fun to hear dan and ira joking around together, but i also think they have a wonderful conversation (at the top of the podcast and throughout) about marriage/monogamy (and non monogamy within a marriage or, as dan says, "monogamish" relationships) that is really grounded and thoughtful and well worth a listen for anyone who is a human being

they also talk about farts

ps- i used the dragon dictation iphone app to record some thoughts while i was walking and it won't write "fart"... it writes "f*rt"... since when is fart a four letter word? it will however write "crap"

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