Tuesday, January 3, 2012


just back from cock-assing! (i've been restraining myself from making that joke on facebook, good thing i have a blog!) it was a wonderful experience... there were no candidates to vote on for the democrats this year, so after electing delegates* to the county convention and such, we discussed and voted on platform resolutions- this was the really wonderful part, to hear my friends and neighbors put forth thoughtful and important resolutions, to actively support them with a hardy "yes!"... there are good people doing good things, don't forget it! i myself did not put forth a resolution tonight- i wasn't exactly sure what i was in for and when it comes to things like this, i am shy unless i've done some work and thinking on my own beforehand (which i did not), but there are other opportunities as the process continues to put forth resolutions and i may do so...

for some dumb reason though, i did not have any lip balm in my pockets tonight so that was uncomfortable

btw- i went to the gym again this morning! but i did have culver's for dinner... baby steps!

*i will be one- there were other positions that needed to be filled as well, be these required more of a commitment of time and energy- there was a little bit of very kindly arm-twisting done to fill these and i felt a little guilty not raising my hand (especially b/c there was a push for the younger participants especially to volunteer)- but i was serious about my resolution not to take on new commitments (of course there will be some, but i have to be thoughtful about them and i can't say "yes" to everything)... i already feel a little stretched thin in honoring the commitments i have already established... taking on too much makes you not much good at anything, and not very happy

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