Monday, January 9, 2012

my thoughts on project runway all stars

i just watched the first episode while washing dishes

i like the designers and i'm excited for the competition, but i had no idea about the new judges- at first i was like "but my nina and michael!", then i was like...

"isaac!!! omg!!! i'm so happy!!!" 

seriously, he is saving this show b/c the rest of the substitutes are pretty lame (at the end when austin's like "um, it's austin scarlett" and isaac's like "oh, did i say STARLET?"... gold!)

who is this second-rate heidi?

she seems very nice but couldn't they have found someone with more personality?

and you know, it didn't occur to me right away, but then i was like, "oh yeah, no tim!!!" what a bummer... and what's-her-face from marie claire seems like she would be the worst mentor, she has no warmth

anyway, that's my two cents for now...

ps- can i do april hair? (i already know the answer is "no" but i wish)

(this is the color i've been daydreaming for a while, but i know i can't pull it off, i don't have the right skin tone... sigh)

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