Sunday, January 1, 2012

new year's day

one of the problems with the new year is that you have these ideas that you will wake up on new year’s day feeling productive and motivated to start making the changes you set for yourself, but the truth is, you drank a lot of champagne on new year’s eve, so you’re too hung over to do much except stay in bed and catch up on “work of art”

but, you can’t be too hard on yourself because it is important to celebrate… and it’s important to have relaxing days on which you sleep until noon and go to a friend’s house to eat black-eyed peas & collards* and knit and play dominoes (and huck got to spend some time with his bff penny)

however, i am disappointed that i missed the silent service at church this morning, but they aren’t kidding about champagne headaches- ouch

last night turned out to be a really good new year’s eve… i was having a hard time rallying, despite the fact that two wonderful friends of mine hosted a lovely party with delicious snacks and rosemary martinis… despite the fact that i was wearing silver leggings and my awesome plastic charm necklace… still, i was headed towards my usual new year's blues until (at a second party now, a more intimate one), we started a living room dance party ten minutes before midnight… we danced in the new year, passing around the champagne bottle… and there were party poppers with confetti and i wasn’t sad at all

so i’m feeling good and grateful for my friends here in iowa… but also wishing that i had been able to dive into the icy atlantic this morning with katy & danielle… sigh, you can’t have it all

and i was even a little productive tonight and it looks like i’ll have the lights out by 11, go me! it’ll be interesting to see if i can actually make myself get up at 6 tomorrow… discipline!

*apparently this is a traditional southern meal for new year’s day- the black-eyed peas are supposed to bring you luck and the collards are supposed to bring you money… although i think we actually ate kale… there was ham in there too… and we also ate pizza… and chocolate ice cream on pancakes

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