Sunday, March 24, 2013

i had the urge to listen to bjork's 'debut' tonight and it was such a good thing ... i realized that this is one of the most influential albums of my life and i am so grateful for that (i hadn't listened to it in a long time, it was a nice homecoming) 

it's a genius album and i think it's crucial to my general well being (or my identity or something) that when i was 13 (14 maybe... like late freshman, early sophomore year) ... a young woman ... i listened to it over and over and over again ... i know all the words to every song

it was difficult to pick one song to include in this post (i sincerely encourage you, dear reader, to lie on your bed and listen to the entire album) ... but this beautiful masterpiece won out (and this is a great video for it- look at that yellow dress! 90s glamour! (i srsly love it, not joking) and her face! and bare feet! heart heart heart)

also- i don't think i will ever be satisfied until i find my venus as a boy  (oh bjork, the way you roll an egg over your face! wow, this video is good ... i never saw it back in the day b/c there wasn't internet yet ... those sparkles at the end!)

and i lied, said i'd pick one song, but i've already posted two and here's one more, i can't not include it ... it takes courage to enjoy it, big time sensuality ... (my heart still reaching out in anticipation, at 13, at 33) ... (and wow, another incredible video)

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