Thursday, May 10, 2012

a few things:

i just found out about dark shadows tonight and i can't believe it, i'm so excited... michelle fucking pfeiffer, i love her... wish i could go see it with certain people that i miss and love

when i googled dark shadows just now i accidentally googled dark angels and i ended up watching this

tonight i watched the season finale of parks and rec and it was fantastic (i was a little concerned with how heavy-handed ron was being but then when he said "i've had 15 whiskeys tonight" or something like that it made it all ok)... we couldn't believe the news about the nbc cancellations, but maybe it's for the best, things don't stay good forever... these shows will go out with a bang

i really really enjoyed the last 30rock, the queen of jordan one, it was pretty brilliant

i really am happy with my haircut and this new stylist i found... she complemented my hair color and i was like "even with all the greys?" and she was like, "that's what i meant, it's coming in nicely"... i love her

amy poehler for president!

the real president openly supports gay marriage, yay! (seriously- yay!)

the thing about having no curtains- besides feeling weird about going into the kitchen in my underwear- is that, when i'm taking pictures of myself in my living room, people walking by could totally see me

this saturday i will pick up my new (old) bike, i'm really happy about that

tgif tomorrow, guys!

i really kinda do think this is a good picture of me

the upcoming weekend holds for me: gnocchi, hanging out at my friend's house who lives in the country and has a goat, a party, productivity, a "new" bike, A PET EXPO, late night productivity, an annual meeting, PERFECT WEATHER, watering plants and feeding fish- and definitely seems to be calling for a sunday matinee of dark shadows

(shoot, i just realized it's not quite the weekend yet)

peace and love,

ps- i have a friend who is moving to vermont and selling all her shit and i just bought the most darling blonde double-decker end table from her

pps- i have fish now, it's a long story, but they are pretty awesome, somehow totally worth having another thing to take care of

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