Thursday, April 12, 2012

trend i will be participating in: wedge sneakers (whatever)

trend i will not be participating in: uneven hem dresses (the ones that are way longer in the back, i hate them so much)


  1. trend i wish i would be participating in but will realistically never get to it: flatforms

    trend that I will definitely not be participating in: colored denim. been there, done that. i like the flowered jeans but can't see myself wearing them more than once.

  2. i've been meaning to reply to this for a while, but my work computer won't let me on blogger :(

    yes! i love flatforms too... they are kinda dorky, but so cute and oddly sexy... i want some!

    omg, i hate colored denim too! (except some colored acid-washed denim, i can't help it... but all those bright colored jeans are so ugly unless you're under 16) i like the flowered jeans too but i feel like they look funny on... i bought a pair last spring at h&m, wore them once, consigned them... i feel they same way about flowered/patterned tights, liek they make me look like i have a weird skin disease or something

    i really love my wedge sneakers, they are so ridiculous